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Monthly Archives: February 2014

OCMER Dealer in Romania and Moldova

Our company has recently signed a dealership agreement with the renowned Italian manufacturer of machines and equipment for sprayed concrete and refractory mixes applications OCMER CO. Srl. This dealership agreement covers the markets of Romania and Moldova. Citește mai departe

Project report: Rehabilitation and extension of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Cluj-Napoca

In 2013 we were involved as subcontractors in the works contract "Rehabilitation and extension of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Cluj-Napoca".

The major objective of this project set from the design phase was to offer the customer, the regional operator Compania de Apă Someș S. A, a modern sewage treatment plant able to process, treat and purify the entire volume of grey waters from Cluj-Napoca and the upstream pre-urban area. Citește mai departe

Technical visit to suppliers in northern Italy

The technical director of our company has visited between January 27th - January 31st the headquarters of two supplier companies from northern Italy, Ocmer Co Srl and Tecnochem Italiana SpA. The purpose of this visit was to have a first-hand technical evaluation of the products supplied by the two companies: machines and systems for wet and dry sprayed concrete applications (shotcrete) and special cements and additives and add-mixtures for industrial and infrastructural applications, respectively. Citește mai departe