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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the terms of use before using this website. By using this website, you are giving your consent to said terms of use. In case of failed acceptance, please do not access the website. Matei Construct – Constructii Speciale SRL (hereinafter referred to as "Matei Construct") reserves the right, at its discretion and at any time, to alter, vary, add or delete part of the text of these terms. The user will still be obliged to comply with the terms and conditions published at the time of accessing the website.

All the materials published in this website, like documentations, images, charts, videos etc., shall be deemed protected by copyright and intellectual property rights of Matei Construct or of the other Group Companies, protected by applicable domestic and community Laws on intellectual property.

You are not allowed to copy, translate, reproduce or publish any material taken from the website http://www.mateiconstruct.ro, subject to the right to download one copy in compliance with copyright and intellectual property right laws.
The use of marks, brands and trademarks shown on this website, without the consent of the Company they belong to, is expressly forbidden.

The reproduction of illustrations and articles published, as well as their translation, is forbidden on any analogue or digital media and cannot be accomplished without express written authorization of the publisher. Copying is allowed for personal use only. Quotes are allowed for review, essay, commentary or study purposes, provided that the source "Matei Construct – Constructii Speciale." is mentioned, including the internet address " http://www.mateiconstruct.ro", and the name of the author of the article, if present. Linking from other websites is allowed and appreciated.

Matei Construct reserves the right to reproduce the texts in other publications of the group.

Matei Construct may not be deemed responsible for any type of damage to or virus inside the user's computer or other property following access to the website, its navigation, the use of its material or download of video, audio material, text, images, software and information contained in the website. As a consequence, Matei Construct and the other Companies of the Group which own this website shall not be liable for any damage, loss, claim of any type that third parties may suffer as a consequence of accessing the website.

Every communication or material sent to this website by electronic mail, or any other media, will be deemed as non-confidential and not protected by intellectual property right. Anything that the user sends, for example by email, to the website, will become the property of Matei Construct and the other Companies of the Group, which may use it for any legitimate purpose. Matei Construct will also be free to use any idea, concept, know-how or technical knowledge contained in any communication sent by the website users, for any purpose, including the development, production and commercialization of products by using said material. Anyone sending material guarantees that such material can be published and accepts to hold Matei Construct harmless against any third-party action in relation to said material.

Matei Construct is in no way responsible for the content of other websites which are accessible from its website through "links", as they are totally alien from any type of control by the Company, which reserves the right to cancel any links to these websites. Links are only available for convenience and to supply a service to the reader so the connection to other websites is entirely at reader's risk.

In addition, the existence of a hypertext connection to an external website does not imply the approval or acceptance of liability by Matei Construct regarding the content or use of said website. It is the user's liability to take any appropriate measure to make sure that anything he/she decides to take and use is void of any destructive elements like viruses. Matei Construct, and its owner, may not be deemed liable for any full or partial, direct or indirect damage, linked to the use of this website or other hypertextually linked websites, including, without limitation, damage like the loss of profits or turnover, the interruption of corporate or professional activity, the loss of programmes or other type of data located in the user's IT or other system.

Any requests for information or data by the website users by email may imply treatment of personal data of visitors, in compliance with law no. 675/96 on the protection of privacy. The user is responsible, under applicable legislation, for the transmission of obscene, coarse, pornographic, defamatory, blasphemous material or in any case material that is detrimental to any right protected by Romanian laws.

The user expressly agrees that Matei Construct, or Matei Construct -designated parties, may treat recorded data and data concerning the use of the service by the user for the purposes as set down in this agreement, for purposes imposed by regulatory obligations, for marketing, direct marketing, statistical purposes. The user agrees to transfer data to Romania and/or other countries where Matei Construct can have servers, for own and Group companies' purposes. Matei Construct undertakes not to publish and disclose to anyone personal information of the user, without its prior consent, unless it is in good faith convinced that said action is necessary to:

(a) comply with legal provisions or with legal proceedings,

(b) protect and defend its rights against breaches committed by the user the data of whom is treated or

(c) act for the protection of the interest of its users or other parties.

In order to constantly improve our website, it is useful to know the statistics on the most visited pages. These findings are obtained from the "traces" left by IP addresses in the server where our website is hosted or by cookies, i.e. such information as is transferred by the website to the computer hard disc.

The use of cookies is common to make navigation easier and is therefore present in most websites. In any case, the user will always be authorized to disable those cookies through the browser even if it is possible that some parts of the website, like the games, are not fully operational if the cookies are disabled.

Matei Construct does not guarantee that the use of the material of this website in a different country from Romania is authorized. Access to the website from other locations will be deemed accomplished upon user's initiative who will take full liability of compliance with local legislation, within the limits of application thereof. The software of the website is also subject to Romanian laws governing export.

Matei Construct does not offer any guarantee for any malfunctioning of the website, for the interruption of the service, for the precision and the quality of the information contained in the website. Such information can be subject to typos.

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