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The plants OCMER type ORP/300 and ORP/302 are typically destined to the tundishes’ ordinary maintenance into the steel plants. 

The refractory mix normally stored in big bags is charged into the silo from where a electro driven guillotine gate regulate its flow into the mixing group. Here a controlled amount of water is added and then a mixing device provide to feed the vertical pumping group that bring the mix under pressure until the nozzle where compressed air is added.

A min/max level electron-probe located into the pump hopper ensure the continuous feeding of the pumping group in a continuous way. The water and air pressure are monitored from two dedicated pressure switch. The nozzle man can stop and start the plant by simply close/open the compressed air valve at the nozzle.

The model ORP/302 is endowed with a double charging silo and a double mixing devices so to can process tow different refractory mixers with one and the same plant.

The mixes can be applied manually of with a robot arm.


OCM - 015 SIMPLEX SILO - Station to store and spray dry refractory mixes
The station is composed from the rotor machine OCMER type OCM-015 SIMPLEX mounted under a silo having capacity of 1,5 cubic metres (others capacity upon request).

The machine can be mounted on wheels, allowing its use also as free standing machine, or be united with the silo. The station allows to store the dry refractory mix, avoiding the heavy work of feeding the machine with small bags.

When executing the small maintenance operations of the furnaces, once charged the silo, a single operator can do the work using the remote control unit to drive the machine. The OCM-015 SIMPLEX is a rotor machine for the dry spraying of refractory mixes.

The well known and tried rotor working method together with the simplicity of the machine’s operation grant a proper functioning in any working condition.The possibility of the OCM-015 SIMPLEX to be endowed with an electric motor driven from inverter, besides a pneumatic engine, permits to regulate at will the r.p.m. of the rotor and therefore the machine’s output allowing to select the production that better fits with the project specific needs.


The system is composed from a charging silo mounted on robust steel frames and complete of stair to reach the silo, railings, big bags’ breaker, cover, guillotine gatedriven from a geared electric motor or by a manual hand wheel.

Inside the structure, flanged under the guillotine gate of the silo, is located the machine OCMER type OCM-030 COMPATTA, which combines the well know and tried rotor working principle with the exclusive hydraulic clamping system of the lubricated sealing gaskets on the rotor .

Once charged the silo, a single user can execute the furnaces’ ordinary maintenance operations in a safe way without dust emissions in the atmosphere.

The station can in fact be endowed with a remote control unit that allows to drive all its functions besides an high pressure water pump that allows a perfect hydration of the dry mix. The possibility to mount different rotor and hose sizes allows to adapt the machines to the most different working conditions.