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Mission, Vision and Values

We are specialists in special construction works. We have a deep knowledge of environment engineering projects in Water Plants and Waste Water Treatment Plants. We are involved in the major Tunnel Construction projects in the country, we work in the main Highway Construction sites and deliver turn-key construction or rehabilitation projects in mills, factories and large-scale industrial plants.


Moreover, we are among the very few companies in Romania that are ISO-certified to perform special construction works such as:

  • Shotcrete or gunite / high pressure wet, dry and semi-dry concrete spraying;
  • Wet blasting (hydro-blasting) up to 3.000 bar and dry blasting (sand-blasting);
  • Application of and concrete spraying with silica-alumina refractories, refractory masses, mortars and castables;
  • Execution of sprayed concrete linings on unstable mountain slopes;
  • Realisation and rehabilitation of irrigation channels;
  • Construction and rehabilitation of sludge digesters, primary and secondary clarifiers, gravity thickeners, concrete sewer mains and other concrete structures;
  • Waterproofing concrete surfaces with anti-corrosive flexible cements;
  • Concrete injection with super-fluid cements and resins;
  • Application of anti-static resins and polyurea.


Our strategic objectives are:

  1. Continue the investments in a rightly sized team  of construction professionals specialised in special construction works;
  2. Consolidate the partnerships with our partners, both general contractors and equipment and materials suppliers, through quality works;
  3. Focus on what we know best: civil, industrial and infrastructural construction works.


Matei Construct is called when others fail. We pride with the machines and technological facilities we use, with our specialised teams and the adaptability we possess that is required in special construction projects.