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Project report: Rehabilitation and extension of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Cluj-Napoca

In 2013 we were involved as subcontractors in the works contract "Rehabilitation and extension of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Cluj-Napoca".

The major objective of this project set from the design phase was to offer the customer, the regional operator Compania de Apă Someș S. A, a modern sewage treatment plant able to process, treat and purify the entire volume of grey waters from Cluj-Napoca and the upstream pre-urban area. 20130420_103245_rMore precisely, the plant was designed with a capacity of 375.000 inhabitants equivalent and a maximum outlet volume of 130.000 m3/day.

The works included the rehabilitation and extension of 4 major objectives:

1. Mechanical treatment

  • the distribution chamber
  • coarse and dense grills station
  • desilting unit and și fat separator
  • rehabilitation of primary mechanical treatment clarifiers and extension with two new clarifiers
  • primary sludge pumping station

2. Biological treatment

  • rehabilitation of existing aeration basins and construction of new ones
  • construction of a new blower station
  • construction of 6 new secondary clarifiers
  • active recirculated sludge pumping station

3. The sludge line

  • rehabilitation of the 4 existing sludge pre-thickeners
  • construction of 4 new digesters (methane tanks)
  • rehabilitation of the 2 existing sludge post-thickeners
  • construction of the excess sludge thickening station
  • construction of an intermediary sludge container
  • rehabilitation of the existing gasometer and the construction of a new one
  • construction of the bio-gas-powered electric power plant

4. The administrative pavilion

  • laboratory for biological, physical and chemical analysis
  • offices for employees that run the daily plant operations
  • local SCADA control room
  • mechanical and electrical workshop

At the completion of this project the sewage treatment plant in Cluj-Napoca became the most modern in the country and second in size only to the one in Bucharest.

The upgrading of the sewage plant in Cluj-Napoca is part of the larger investment program called "Extension and rehabilitation of water and sewage systems in Cluj and Salaj counties" - program implemented by the regional water operator company between 2008-2013, co-financed by the EU and of Eur 196,9 million in total value.


Project report leaflet The Sewage Treatment Plant in Cluj-Napoca

Project report leaflet The Sewage Treatment Plant in Cluj-Napoca


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February 2014
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