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  • Stabilisation of slopes
  • Works in tunnels and subways
  • Upgrade and construction of airport runways
  • Structural rehabilitation of bridges and piers

The Infrastructure division focuses on new construction or rehabilitation projects for civilian and military airports, road and rail tunnels and subway underground galleries.

An important volume of business comes from shotcrete works to stabilise and anchor steep slopes that feature loose rocks that imperil the under passing traffic.

On tunnel soffits we work with highly specialised wet and dry process shotcrete machines that are self-propelled and radio-controlled and that allow an exceptional advance of 200 sqm – 300 sqm/day at a 10 cm concrete thickness.

In construction projects for new airport runways we supply special cements that allow the airport operators to resume traffic after only 4 hours from casting. We also supply cement-based products for filling the expansion joints as well as the slits and cores that are necessary for the runway lighting system (RLS) and ground instrument landing system (ILS).

These products are, through comparison, much cheaper than epoxy resins or other similar products and allow resuming air traffic and hence all other air-side activities after only 3 to 4 hours. In projects that deal with the modernisation of old runways and air-side areas, we use rheoplastic structural cements to inject cracks and fissures in concrete surfaces, and epoxy resins and other related products when such solutions are required.