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  • Wet and dry process shotcrete
  • Works with high resistance and refractory cements
  • Works with anticorrosive and waterproofing cements
  • Structural works with advanced composite systems

The Industrial Works division focuses on repair and installation of new linings in industrial melting facilities, casting special cements in military bases, wind turbine farms, chemical and fertilisers plants, refineries and cement producing plants.

In military bases we employ both wet and dry process shotcrete for the construction or upgrade of various objectives; we also supply and use specialty cements (VHDRC – Very High Durability Reinforced Concretes) for the construction of special military objectives.

When dealing with cooling towers in refineries, chemical and nuclear plants, most often we are called upon to address structural issues. Hence, we use concrete injection techniques and employ composite (glass or carbon) materials, as well as anticorrosive waterproofing cements (mainly over the inner hyperbolic areas).

In wind farm construction sites we deliver and cast high compression strength/high modulus concretes in foundations and in the stress ring of the metal overstructure.

When relining blast furnaces, ladles and casting facilities as well as cement producing plants, we employ both wet and dry process shotcreting of specialty, heat-resistant materials and also supply the entire range of shotcrete machines and silos for such purposes.

In all these projects, we are often required to use cements that have special characteristics. Our main product families are:

  • additives and admixtures for VHDRC concretes (Very High Durability Reinforced Concretes)
  • REFOR-tec micro-concretes (Reactive Forces Technologies)UHPFRCC (Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitous Composites) with high compression resistance (>200 N/mm2), very high density (2500 kg – 3000 kg/m3), exceptional elastic modulus and elastic deformation.
  • HFE-tec concretes (High Fracture Energy Technologies) with very high ductility and low elastic modulus; these concretes are capable of absorbing incredible dynamic stresses and deformation energies without cracking
  • VHDRS CarFib Composite and fiber-cements (Very High Durability Repair Systems Carbon Fiber) – nets, fabrics, blades and rods in steel, glass and carbon fiber, as well as powders with such microelements.

A significant deal of works comes from hydro blasting (at 2500 bar) and hydro demolition (at 2500 to 3000 bar) projects. The latter is a non-destructive demolition procedure that leaves the metal reinforcement rods intact and, most importantly in some cases, it does not create vibrations.