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The use of cookies on Matei Construct website

On the website www.mateiconstruct.ro and all its other sub-domains the use of cookies helps in providing better service to our clients, while improving user experience. How does Matei Construct use cookies

Cookies are small size files placed on the hard disk of the devices used to connect to www.mateiconstruct.ro or its sub-domains. Cookies are not dangerous for users, since they can’t contain viruses or other malware files. Cookies can be easily deleted anytime by users. Cookies have the following role: - To facilitate the use of Matei Construct (examples: retaining preferences or option to enter server login password) - Measuring the effectiveness of the site, services, content and advertising - Disclosure of interest - Provide other services and features that are available only through the use of cookies Managing cookies

You can choose to deactivate cookies, but this action will affect your navigation experience. We recommend you to read the information posted on the links below to find out more about using and managing cookies:

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