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If you are a young graduate in hydro-technical construction, if you meet the following criteria and are looking for a job, then we need to meet!

Also, if you have an extensive experience in the execution and management of a construction site at any level, in design or project management, and find yourself in the criteria below, then chances are good to make the team!

At the moment, there are no vacancies outside Romania. Please go to the Romanian area to view all job openings.

Entering Matei Construct team you will have the opportunity to get involved in projects of national interest, many of them unique on the Romanian market. With us you can build a career, facing every challenge with a professional team you can rely on. All we ask is:

  • to have an open mind towards special work projects, technologies and innovative materials;
  • be an ambitious person;
  • to be able to successfully manage difficult situations;
  • to be a good team player.

For more information about the experience and our projects, visit the news page, and Linkedin and Youtube channels. In addition, you can contact us today by sending us your CV to: hr@indexgrup.ro