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Daily Archives: 6 October 2015

New contract for the rehabilitation of the irrigation system in Covurlui plains, Galati county


Matei Construct has started a new contract regarding the refurbishment of the left line of the Suhurlui irrigation pipe, that belongs to the Covurlui Plains irrigation system in Galati County, Romania.

The existing irrigation pipe serves over 21.000 hectares of farmland in the southwestern part of Galati and became unviable due to significant water losses.

In the Covurlui plains, in those areas where the irrigation canals intersect with natural valleys that could not be crossed by embankment canals, water transits through a series of high capacity pipelines called siphons.

The Suhurlui pipeline, one of seven such siphons spread along the Covurlui Plain, was completed in 1986 and is made of 1 cm-thick steel sheets, is buried at 2 m and boasts a diameter of over 3 m.

The pipeline is fed with fresh water from the Danube river through a series of embankment canals, pipes and pumping stations. The rehabilitation of the irrigation pipeline is done by shotcrete over steel-mesh reinforcement, covering the entire inner surface; In other words, the entire interior surface is coated with a 6 cm layer of sprayed concrete over welded mesh.

The rehabilitation of the Suhurlui siphon is among the first projects regarding rehabilitation and upgrading of irrigation systems in Romania.

About Matei Construct - Industrial Works Division

We are specialists in special construction works. We have extensive knowledge on rehabilitation projects of cooling towers at chemical plants and refineries, construction and repair of industrial furnaces with refractory concretes, cleaning heat exchangers with high pressure water jetting, cement mortar lining and pipe coating of pipes, various works with Engineered Cementitious Composite concretes, rehabilitation of irrigation canals and pipelines.

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